February 2013

There were three to test this month, and all passed with near perfect if not perfect scores. Shown in the photo below left to right are: Al W4ZSC, Kent Havens now KK4OGN, George KI4NBE, Steven Beckman, Ron Herring now KK4OGM, and Patrick KI4CDY. All passed the Tech, and Steve, went on to pass his General. Good job everyone!

Happy Birthday Charley
We love you!
It was a pleasure to help celebrate Charlie Gribble’s birthday at the meeting
If anyone in our Club deserves recognition, it would be Charlie. He took an
idea last year and started our current, successful daily “Rag Chew”. Many
members, including myself, did not think that our members would be interested
in a weekday net. I was wrong! Thanks to Charlie’s persistence, we do have
a successful net and our repeater is being used more frequently.
Again, thank you for your leadership in making a successful net. Norma and
you are wonderful people and may God continue to bless us with your presence.
And by the way, Happy Birthday!!

People are special, and birthdays too. When a very special guy has a birthday, we just have to make a fuss. And yes, there was another reason why this event was so special. For the first time in memory, Charley was speechless. 🙂 (Photo:Peggy KK4KYL)
Happy Birthday!!
Bill Kodak
And rounding out the evening,
we had another fine presentation by

(Photo:Peggy KK4KYL)



You can view Al’s crystal radio presentation
by clicking on the following link 
and then scrolling down the list until you
reach the link with the name:
Crystal Radios
Al would like everyone to know that there are plenty of diodes and toilet paper forms for winding coils left. Both free for the taking.

Finally, there are some things that happen at meetings that defy a really good explanation. In these cases you are welcome to make up your own captions.