New Repeater System In Town

By Ron Smith

I’m a relatively new ham using primarily a Yaesu HT60 and a small mag mount antenna on my car. I am only an occasional user, but am always interested in new, simple ways to communicate with my HT.

Recently, I found the SARnet , a network of linked UHF repeaters , tying into the Florida DOT microwave system and giving even small HT’s statewide repeater coverage. There are close 30 repeaters covering the entire state.

All the information you need is on, and shows a statewide coverage map, with frequencies, and tones. I believe they all use a +5 offset.

Already, from the Lakeland and Tampa repeaters, I have contacted Chipley, Jacksonville, and tonight monitored Sarasota.

Since it is linked statewide you do have to allow approximately 2-3 second both in keying up, and waiting for a reply.

Try it out and have some fun!

Ron Smith