Three New Licensees

From left to right, George, Glenn, Randy Penn, KM4NUZ, a new general, Donald Willets, KM4ORX,  new Tech, Ron, our most illustrious VE Coordinator Peggy, and Butch, KM4MJH, now a general. There is one other individual who made it into the picture. I doubt if he is interested in getting a license. My guess is he just feels comfortable hanging out with a great bunch of guys and gals.

Our Presenters This Evening Were Al and Andrew

Al,  introduced us to the latest digital mode, FSQ. His presentation along with Andrews has been posted on Yahoo Groups.

Andrew covered another two other digital modes, variants of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), of which the two most popular flavors are IRLP and Echo Link. 

And last, but not least,

     The Winner Is . . .

                              all of us!!!
    Thank you Molly for all your help. 🙂