J-Pole Project

J-Pole project
Rich mentioned the J-pole project at the last meeting. The design we will use is the Arrow 2 meter 70 cm dual band J-pole. I have used one of these for years, and found it to be a great performer.
You can find full instructions along with performance data for this antenna at:

Arrow sells this antenna for  $49 dollars, ready to assemble. We think we can put together a package for club members costing less than half that amount.

All the cutting, drilling, threading and tapping will be done for you. All you will have to do is assemble the pieces. Of course you will want to check your work before taking it home. There will be someone with an antenna analyzer at the meeting to help you with this.
Here is a photo of the base. Note, the element to the right is quite tall, 57 inches, and only a portion is shown.
We will have to purchase aluminum stock well in advance, and have lead-time to do the cutting, drilling, tapping, and threading that needs to be done to make your assembly easy. So, if you are interested, you must let me know who you are ahead of time.

Please email billkodak@verizon.net  with  j-pole in the subject, and a short note stating who you are, and that you want to purchase a kit. Again, our goal is to keep the price in the $20 to $25 dollar range.