Were You On the Thursday Night Net 4/26/18?

The weather has been great, and I can see why many of us may not want to be indoors on such beautiful nights, but even if you don’t have the time to spend listening to the entire net, you can always check in as a short timer and then be on your way. Of course, you are always welcome to hang around and listen. You never know what might come up.

The following were on the net this Thursday. I have included as an experiment the distance each person lives from our repeater. Yes, that 49 mile contact was from Hudson FL. Mack reached us with a Yagi mounted on a 47 foot tower. His signal was full quieting.

Call First Last Distance
KI4ZMV Bill Johnson 4.6
WZ1P Daniel Gagnon 4.12
W7STR Rush Springer 4.54
KG4PWF Jim Scott 1.66
N7CUC Sam Shaver 2.88
N4HES Arthur Hess 8.45
WX4AMS Andrew Stevens 7.81
KN4CHP James Edmonson 6.1
W4MAC Mack Walls 49.3

Some interesting stats about the Blog

So who is looking at our blog? You don’t suppose there is a Putin connection here, do you? 🙂



United States 73193
Russia 7063
South Korea 2719
Ukraine 2610
Germany 2059
France 1359
Poland 650
Brazil 630
Malaysia 493