Attendance Is Up On The Thursday Night Net

Thanks to several short timers, attendance 5/10/18 was way up on the net. Remember, you can call in as a short timer anytime. Those who like to listen and talk will not be disappointed either. Our net tries to offer something for everyone.

One member, notably missing was Jim Scott. Jim is still at the Lakeland Hospital, recovering from a fall. He is doing better, and is expected to enter rehab in a couple of days. He asked me to send his best to all those on the net. I guess this is his way of checking in, because they won’t allow a radio in the hospital. Perhaps the rehab center will be a bit more accommodating. 🙂

K8TPH 4.4 Richard Wilt General
KI4DNO 13.6 Larry Walker General
KI4EFL 8.4 Donald Jeerings General
KI4ZMV 4.6 William Johnson Amateur Extra
KK4LYQ 1.2 William Paul Amateur Extra
KM4UYX 9.2 Kenneth Kozla General
KN4FBD 8.4 John McCullough Technician
N4HES Arthur Hess General
N6MRS 5.8 Michael Shreve General
N7CUC 2.9 Samuel Shaver Amateur Extra
W7STR 4.5 Springer Rush Amateur Extra
WB6ZEQ 7.9 Herman Smith General
WZ1P 4.1 Daniel Gagnon Amateur Extra
AB4KA James Russ Amateur Extra
K4LKM David Robinson General
KM4PYG Warren Coons General
KN4LYG Stephen O Neill Technician
WD4LKY 9.4 Charles Bukoski Advanced
KI4NBE George Gafford Amateur Extra
W4MAC 49.0 Mac Walls Amateur Extra