New Location And Record Attendance

LARC’s New Meeting Location

 We are off to a great start at our new meeting location. Many thanks to Bill Paul and TOP Smith for working behind the scenes to make all this all possible.

Guests and members totaled over fifty-seven for our first meeting at the club’s new meeting location.
Without exception, everyone was pleased with the new location.

Bob filled in the details surrounding the move, and laid the ground rules for the new location.

 Smiling Faces

And of course, we have a couple of happy test takers. Third in from the left is Aimee Holzer, KM4STT a new Extra!!! Congratulations Aimee. To her left, in the yellow shirt, is Steve Hall. Steve reinstated his General License, and is back in business as an enthusiastic ham. Welcome back Steve.

Normally we present our successful test takers in an unusual location. Some backgrounds make people blend in, while others make them stand out. Outstanding is good!

Your Thoughts And Prayers

Jim Scott continues to show improvement. Jim took a bad fall last Wednesday, and is slowly recovering. The plan is that he will leave the Lakeland Hospital in a day or so, and enter rehab. If all goes well we should have him back on the Thursday night net asking about the Solar Flux conditions.


The Attendance Roll for May, 2018

AA4HT Robert Van Winkle Amateur Extra YES NO
AB4XK Chet Carruth Amateur Extra YES NO
K1DU Frederick Delaney Amateur Extra YES NO
K4JZ William Aten Amateur Extra LIFE YES POL-933
KB0QMN George Rezac General NO NO
KB4BDQ Judith Bukoski General LIFE NO
KF4Q William Busbin Amateur Extra YES YES
KF4TPW Lydia Morgan Amateur Extra NO NO
KG4YNI Ernest Haynes Amateur Extra YES NO POL-296A
KI4CDY Patrick O’Neil Amateur Extra YES YES POL-219A
KI4EFL Donald Jeerings General NO NO
KI4WRX David Zdanowicz Amateur Extra YES YES
KI4ZMV William Johnson Amateur Extra YES NO POL-840
KJ4DSQ Roger Land Technician YES YES POL-208A
KJ4UW George Mann Amateur Extra YES NO POL-410
KK4BMI David LaFave General LIFE YES
KK4ITX John Leahy Amateur Extra YES NO PAS-607
KK4LYQ William Paul Amateur Extra YES NO
KK4OGM Ronald Herring Amateur Extra NO NO
KK4TSG Ronald Herring General NO NO
KK4VCN Eleanor Marshall Technician NO NO
KM4BAO Robert Doherty General YES NO POL-829
KM4CUG Debra Leahy Technician YES NO
KM4STS Liam Holzer General NO NO
KM4STT Aimee Holzer General NO NO
KM4STU Leon Holzer General NO NO
KM4UYX Kenneth Kozla General NO NO
KN4FBD John McCullough Technician YES NO
KN4JNX Eric Grenier Technician NO NO
KR4R Johnnie Ritter Amateur Extra YES NO
N2TE R. Marchese Amateur Extra YES NO
N4ESS Richard Kennedy Amateur Extra LIFE NO PAS-570
N4FRK Victor Saxe General NO NO
N4PEG Margaret Lang Amateur Extra YES NO HIL-1000
N6MRS Michael Shreve General YES NO
N7CUC Samuel Shaver Amateur Extra NO NO
NJ4Y Matthew Stevens Amateur Extra YES YES POL-680A
W4JGC J. Culler Amateur Extra YES NO POL-560A
W4MQB Barbara Ritter Technician YES NO
W4XDS James Stewart Amateur Extra YES YES
W4ZSC Albert Sheppard Amateur Extra YES NO POL-843
W7STR Springer Rush Amateur Extra YES NO
W8DUK Richard Grubb Amateur Extra YES NO POL-782
WB4OMG Harmon Morgan Amateur Extra NO NO
WB6ZEQ Herman Smith General NO NO
WD4LKY Charles Bukoski Advanced LIFE NO
WX4AMS Andrew Stevens General YES YES POL-838
AB4KA Jimmy Russ Amateur Extra
K1TZD Greg Burton Amateur Extra
KI4NBE George Gafford Amateur Extra
KG4EPU Paul Pippin General
KJ4AFB Patricia Morris General
KJ4RNJ Joy Gaffird General
KJ4WFS Tom Evans Amateur Extra
WA4MMO Geoff Shuck
N4KWR Kevin Rought General

Those outlined in red are either guests or have not had their membership records catch up in our database.