Thursday Night Net May 31, 2018

A big thank you to Kevin, N4KWR, for stepping up to the plate and taking the net for this Thursday. Great Job!


AB4KA James Druss Amateur Extra
K8TPH Richard Wilt General 4.3
KB0QMN George Rezac General 6.4
KB4WHO Kenneth Dickey Technician
KD0VNI Robert Hamilton Technician
KI4EFL Donald Jeerings General 8.4
KI4ZMV William Johnson Amateur Extra 4.6
KK4VCN Eleanor Marshall Technician 24.5
KN4LEF Daniel Fafach Technician
KN4LVG Robert Young General
N4ESS Richard Kennedy Amateur Extra 21.2
KN4LEH Daniel Dickey Technician
N4KWR Kevin Rought General
N4PEG Margaret Lang Amateur Extra 21.2
W4MAC Mac Walls Amateur Extra 50
WB6ZEQ Herman (TOP) Smith General 7.8