Celebration Dinner After Field Day 2018

Click here for more images the Donald took at the dinner.
Way to go Don. Great job!

Attendance sign-in sheet

By some counts there were close to fifty in attendance. This number included spouses who were not also ham radio operators. 

AA4HT Robert Van Winkle YES NO
K1DU Frederick Delaney YES NO
K4EMT Sarah Clark NO NO
KG4YNI Ernest Haynes YES NO POL-296A
KI4EFL Donald Jeerings NO NO
KI4NBE George Gafford NO NO POL-316A
KI4WRX David Zdanowicz YES YES
KJ4UW George Mann YES NO POL-410
KK4RAH Stephanie Hildreth NO NO
KK4VCN Eleanor Marshall NO NO
KM4STS Liam Holzer NO NO
KM4STT Aimee Holzer NO NO
KM4STU Leon Holzer NO NO
KN4FBD John McCullough YES NO
KQ4KX Richard Sharp LIFE NO POL-127A
KR4R Johnnie Ritter YES NO
N4ESS Richard Kennedy LIFE NO PAS-570
N4HES Arthur Hess YES NO
N4PEG Margaret Kennedy YES NO HIL-1000
N6MRS Michael Shreve YES NO
N7CUC Samuel Shaver NO NO
NJ4Y Matthew Stevens YES YES POL-680A
W4EMT Eric Clark NO NO
W4MQB Barbara Ritter YES NO
W7STR Springer Rush YES NO
WA4ABN Michael Hildreth NO NO
WA4MMO Geoffrey Schuck YES NO
WB6ZEQ Herman Smith NO NO
WB8PHD Joseph Goertzen NO NO
WX4AMS Andrew Stevens YES YES POL-838
KT4WX Darrell Davis YES
N4LVG Robert Young
K4ZVU Gilbert Lucas
John Standford
G. Lucas
Joseph Goertz
Glenn Smith

Field Day Stats 2018 and Historical L4LKL Class 4A

Year Points Rank # In Class Ratio
2012 4394 40 158 0.25
2013 4676 33 156 0.21
2014 4516 39 150 0.26
2015 5370 31 156 0.20
2016 4012 40 132 0.30
2017 4068 37 133 0.28
2018 5154

Data Analysis
The data suggests no significant change year over year. Bottom line, we are holding steady.