The Official LARC Field Day Primer

Once again the biggest amateur radio operating event of the year is upon us…it’s time for FIELD DAY!

Field Day is the last full weekend in June, which this year is June 26-27. As many clubs (including ours) have chosen not to have an official “club” station this year, much like last year everyone is “on their own”, and once again the rules are a little different. Since not everyone is completely familiar with how things work, here’s the lowdown:

Date/Time: Field Day begins at 1800 UTC Saturday, June 26 and runs until 2059 UTC Sunday, June 27.

There are 5 different stations categories:

  • Class A: Club/Non-club Portable (Three or more people)
  • Class B: One or Two Person Portable
  • Class C: Mobile
  • Class D: Home Stations on Commercial Power
  • Class E: Home Stations on Emergency Power
  • Class F: EOC Stations

Exchange: Field Day Class and ARRL (or RAC) section.

For further information (if you are planning on ANY kind of Field Day operation, please) go to and review the full rules.

Miscellaneous Field Day bits…

  • Excellent logging software can be found at
  • Remember to use Lakeland ARC for your organization on your entry to give cumulative points to the club
  • Be sure to send photos of your Field Day station

Should anyone have additional questions, feel free to contact Fred Delaney, K1DU at or by phone at 781-854-1150 (be sure to leave a voicemail and he’ll gladly call you back).

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun!