Former home of the Dayton Hamvention being demolished

For those who don’t know, the Dayton Hamvention is THE hamfest. Held every year (although not this year) in May, it is the largest event of it’s kind in the country. The Hara Arena in Trotwood, Ohio, just outside of Dayton hosted Hamvention from 1964 until 2016, when it was announced that the arena would be closing and the event was moved to Xenia, Ohio. There was hope of rebuilding the venue, but extensive damaged received during the tornado outbreak on Memorial Day weekend 2019 put an end to that.

Photos from the September 14 Meeting

Glenn (Li’l Top), KO4AWJ sent us a few pics from the last club meeting out at the Florida Air Museum at Sun & Fun. Remember to send your photos in to (they don’t have to be club related, just ham radio related). Thanks, Glenn!

Public Information Officer Jimmy Russ, AB4KA was busy providing information
Michelle Rhinesmith of the Aerospace Center for Excellence (who we have to thank for the opportunity to meet at the Florida Air Museum)
A bunch of people ūüėČ

David L. Lafave, KK4BMI, SK

Dave Lafave, KK4BMI became a Silent Key after his sudden passing on Thursday, September 17, 2020. Dave was a member (and a board member) of the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club, and was a life member of the ARRL.

According to his QRZ profile, Dave retired from the U.S. Army in 1998, and had been a licensed radio amateur since 2011.

He is survived by his wife Lisa Marie Martin Lafave and his loving family.

Weekends are made for HF Contesting (or, how to work a lot of stations in a short time)

If you’ve worked HF for any length of time you know that HF contests on weekends are “target rich environments”. You don’t have to be a contester to work a lot of stations and pick up new countries, states and US counties. Just this coming weekend are:

  • Collegiate QSO Party
  • Iowa QSO Party
  • New Hampshire QSO Party
  • New Jersey QSO Party
  • Washington State Salmon Run
  • Wisconsin Parks on the Air
  • And More!

These events are full of stations wanting to work YOU!

A great way to see what events are coming down the pike is the WA7BNM Contest Calendar The calendar has an 8 day schedule, 12 month schedule, QSO party calendar and others.

Check it out, and get on the air! (and be sure to send pics of you at your station to

Club Meeting New & Notes for September 14

Tonight the members (and prospective members) of the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club gathered together for a club meeting for the first time in six months! The meeting was held at a new location, which was the outdoor pavilion adjacent to the Florida Air Museum at Sun & Fun. Many thanks to Michelle Rhinesmith, Development Director for the Aerospace Center for Excellence for inviting us to their location. There were 32 in attendance (plus Buddy, the official shack dog of KN4LEH) and the location was well received by all.

There were a variety of topics discussed at the meeting. Among them were:

  • Recognizing Michelle Rhinesmith, Development Director for the Aerospace Center for Excellence and expressing the gratitude of the club for inviting us out
  • “In person” introduction of new club Public Information Officer Jimmy Russ, AB4KA, who made an announcement to the attendees regarding classified ads on the blog (if you’ve to stuff to sell, we want to list it for you!)
  •, which is a new email address for members to send photos they take of club events, non-club events and general ham radio stuff (send those photos in!)
Because a photo of Rich Kennedy, N4ESS with a helicopter makes any blog post better

The big news was our upcoming election of club officers. Matt Stevens, NJ4Y presented information regarding the elections. The club is in need of members to fill the following positions:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Nominations are due no later than October 2nd, ten days prior to the October club meeting. Please consider volunteering for a position as your club needs you…no experience necessary! Results of the nominations will be announced at the October 12 meeting with elections to be held at the November meeting. Rich Kennedy, N4ESS spoke briefly about being a club officer. Rich has extensive experience as an officer in the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club, and encouraged folks to volunteer (Rich is our E.F. Hutton…when Rich talks, people listen).

Club President Mike Shreve, N6MRS also discussed the NJQRP Skeeter Hunt, a qrp operating event that was held August 16th. If you’re a qrp aficionado who enjoys portable operation, this is right up your alley!

Prior to the club meeting, a number of folks took the plunge and took their amateur radio license exams. Congratulations to our new crop of hams…

  • Kenneth Evers, KO4HIF
  • Armando Matos, KO4HIG
  • Ken Waibel, KO4HIH
  • David Kelsey, KO4HII
  • Corey Edmundson, KO4HIJ

Join us in congratulating our new amateur radio licensees! We all hope to see you on the airwaves.

VE John Stanford K0ZD, Ken Evers KO4HIF, David Kelsey KO4HII, Ken Waibel KO4HIH, VE Glenn Culler W4JGC
VE John Stanford K0ZD, Armando Matos KO4HIG, VE Glenn Culler W4JGC
VE John Stanford K0ZD, Corey Edmundson KO4HIJ, VE Glenn Culler W4JGC

Many thanks to all who came out on short notice on a rainy night to a new location to make this month’s meeting a succcess! 73 to all.

LARC Meeting Monday Night!!!

YES!!! You read it right…the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club is meeting again. The Aerospace Center for Excellence has graciously invited us to meet at the Florida Air Museum at Sun & Fun. For September and October we’ll be meeting under their outdoor pavilion adjacent to the museum. Here are the specifics:

Location: Florida Air Museum, 4175 Medulla Rd, Lakeland FL 33811 (on the grounds at Sun & Fun, north of Pipkin Road, East of County Line Road).
Date: Monday, September 14 and Monday, October 12
Time: 6:30 p.m. Meeting starts at 7
Parking: There is limited parking available near the pavilion, so please reserve those spots for our more “seasoned” members who might be a little less ambulatory.¬† The rest of us can park a little further away and shuttle over if we need to.

Seating is available at picnic tables under the pavilion.¬† However you are welcome to bring your own beach or lawn chairs which will probably be more comfortable.¬† Also…keeping in mind that it is an outdoor facility in Florida in late summer, it would certainly be a good idea to bring some personal insect repellent!

There will be testing available for anyone interested it obtaining an amateur radio license (or upgrading what they have now).  Testing will start at 5:30 p.m. For information on testing contact the club at

When’s the next Hamfest?

Recently I monitored a conversation on the LARC repeater where two local hams were discussing hamfests, the need to go to one and wondering where and when one would be. Ask and ye shall receive! The ARRL website has a searchable hamfest calendar. Check it out! (While this calendar only lists league-sanctioned events, your club PIO does his best to get the word out for other events, too)

FCC Application Fee Proposal Proceeding is Open for Comments

FCC Docket 20-270 (which would require $50 fees for Amateur Radio licenses if passed) is open for comments. To comment, click on the link above and search for docket 20-270.

We need to make our voices heard on this issue. A few hundred comments may not make much of a difference with the decisions makers at the FCC. A few thousand comments might. A couple of hundred thousand comments would go a long way!